our boys

This is Fitsum.
He's almost 7 years old.
Fitsum is from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and we've been sponsoring him for 2 years.

This is Chengo.
He lives near Mombasa, Kenya.
We just started sponsoring him on Wednesday night.

Click here to watch a video of 3 stories of changed lives.

Click here to visit Compassion International to release a child from poverty in Jesus' name - start sponsoring a child today.

"Refuse to live for yourself."
- David Platt


  1. So cute! I'm excited for you guys and little Chengo!

  2. Loved your comment earlier tonight. How cool to talk Truth with Mr. Platt himself! To say that his words have inspired us would be an understatement. So thankful that he spoke the truth as God directed.

  3. Such cute little boys! I just want to squeeze them! I love that you did this post. I've been meaning to do a sponsorship post for forever!