numbered list of awesome 4

1. Working out Monday morning with Patti & seeing Old Man Spandex. Okay, so that last part was not as awesome.

2. In-laws coming for part of break. Late night euchre, Jets bbq pizza, steak, and an excessive amount of mini Cadbury eggs...

3. Target with Debbie on Tuesday, shopping for Easter outfits for Lincoln.

4. Lunch with Jeanette on Wednesday - getting to hear about all the exciting things happening in her life these days! Playing with Eli on the interactive screen, watching him spin around and wipe out.

5. Coffee with Ellie Wednesday afternoon. The massive amount of chocolate whipped cream that the barista put on my drink!

6. Working out this morning and seeing Old Man Spandex again today in the exact same, clingy-in-all-the-wrong-places outfit! Guy loves his lunges...

7. Reading, reading, reading. I finished Invisible Man, read Hunger Games and Sold.

8. My new babysitting job. Don't I sound just like a 16-year old?! I started babysitting for two adorable little neighbor boys (4 yrs old & 10 mos old) while their parents go for a run a couple nights a week. Last night I got to rock the baby to sleep, which was pretty much amazing.

9. Almost finished my bedside table project. I need to paint the handles. And touch up a couple rough spots. Maybe.

10. Blue sky & sunshine today. Walking Zooey. Chilly outside, but the promise of warm weather in the air...

11. Going to NY TOMORROW!

12. Oh, fine. And the dulce de leche cupcakes. I had a leftover can of ddl from when I made these cheesecake bars (scrumptious), so I decided to use it up, since the in-laws are over. I cheated and used French Vanilla cupcake mix from a box. But I made the frosting.

Rachel's Impromptu Dulce de Leche Buttercream Frosting
2 sticks butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1-1/2 tsp vanilla
2 ... scoops of dulce de leche (each scoop was probably about 2 Tbsp)
1/4 c heaving whipping cream

Blend it all together until it's nice and fluffy. Yum. This would also be fantastic if you mixed some coconut in it and topped with some mini chocolate chips. Or drizzled some dark chocolate ganache over it. Yeah, pretty much anything would be a winning combo.


  1. I must say this list is awesome.
    Also we have the same delicious taste in food my dear. Jet's BBQ pizza is a staple at our house and most always on Sundays. And PAlease on the cadbury mini eggs... We've gone through an embarrassing amount of bags this year.
    and... I'm jealous you got to hang out with Jeanette :)

  2. number 11 is my favorite :)

  3. Why didn't more of those cupcakes make it home to western NY???

  4. i'm pretty sure if you post 1 more picture of those cupcakes i will drool on my keyboard.

  5. Sherrie Staines4/26/11, 1:17 PM

    dying to try the frosting, but have no clue what 2 scoops of dulce de leche is? a coffee flavor?

  6. Why can't you and Doug be our cool neighbors and babysit my children? Seriously, WHY? Where is my trustworthy babysitter??

    Ok, sorry about that.

    Rocking a babe to sleep is the best!

  7. hi mrs. staines! dulce de leche is a very thick, creamy caramel. almost like sweetened condensed milk + caramel. if it's not in the baking section, you might be able to find it in the world section around the mexican foods. you could probably just substitute caramel if you can't find it! hope that helps! :)

  8. as i was reading through the list, i kept thinking, is she going to mention these cupcakes?! she better tell us about these cupcakes! shew. she did.
    they look lovely. they sound amazing!

  9. Sherrie Staines5/2/11, 4:21 PM

    Thanks Rachel! I will look today. I have taken on a wedding cake and have been givinf the wedding couple taste samples....so this will be the next one!