dream home

I probably shouldn't indulge in this post, but I can't help it! I love daydreaming about big white farmhouses and all the fun ways I could decorate, so I decided to waste my time creating a virtual tour of my dream home. I'm obsessed with Design*Sponge, so most of the pictures are from their site. I love the eclectic combinations showcased in their "sneak peeks"!

Welcome to my Dream House...

I LOVE this entryway, with the barn doors going into another room, presumably my family room... (not a huge fan of the antler chandelier or the rug).

via best of entry ways

In my family room, I have this sweet fireplace, but there's probably a lot less white in the family room... since I have several children, obviously.

Also in our family room somewhere is this cute photo collage. And hopefully that ADORABLE elephant watering can!

Then there's my pristine kitchen. Don't be alarmed by my butcher knife that is sticking into the countertop...

In our breakfast nook is a charming wooden picnic table. This picture was taken before we remodeled so there was enough room to go around the table to sit on both sides...

Oh, we also have a fully stocked pantry, full of my canned produce.
via emersonmade

Also on the first floor is my cute laundry room that is never messy.

Let's go upstairs, shall we?

Here's our bedroom. We recently got rid of that chandelier... and we'll probably get rid of the lace blanket, too.

Our bathroom:

The guest bedroom...

via best of bedrooms 2

Here's the girls' room. I'm getting them a new rug.

The nursery, for our little boy.

And you guys saw my writing room in a previous post.

As we leave the house, be sure to check out our porch swing.

Oh, don't forget our barn, which houses our two horses.

Isn't our little home perfect??

Sidenote - If we ever had to live in a city apartment with a balcony, these would totally be our doors.


  1. I am working on a post about my pantry right now and am using that same beautiful pantry pic!! Great minds :)

  2. and one of your back porches:

  3. haha, of course! silly me, how could i have forgotten to include that picture of our back porch? :)

  4. the butcher knife is a bit alarming, but i'll still come over any time!

  5. I think we live in very similar "dream houses" Love it!

  6. Of course the kitchen is white! I'm in love with that pantry. One question: who the heck has time to change all their food into jars?

  7. This made me smile! I love your dream home - and your tour guide skills.

  8. ouu...love it! such a fab house!! confession: i like antler chandeliers...i hope to have one some day. also, i too want that elephant watering can...sweetness! and the picnic table, sigh, lovely. {glad you guys remodeled so you can walk around it...must have been awkward for doug crawling underneath it all the time}.