real life conversations, pt. 12

[So, I have this little issue where I'll start to worry about something small, and before I know it, I've turned into this fatalistic freak, as if I'm watching a fire-breathing dragon burning down all of my hopes and dreams. See? Things get intense quickly. I'm working on it.]

Doug: You really need to stop worrying about this.
Me: I can't help it! I was born two weeks early! I'm a go getter! I can't help focusing on the future!
Doug: How long have you had that one in your pocket?
Me: Yeah, I thought of it yesterday. I was hoping I could work it into a conversation.


  1. hahaha! i dont think that explains my neuroses away... i was born 3 weeks late. darn.

  2. That is SOOO me. Smiling here ...

    - Jennifer Dukes Lee
    Contributing Editor @ The High Calling

  3. Ha ha! I always try to save up those great lines I think of, then the moment strikes and I draw a blank. Boo. ;)