23 random memories with Robert...

1. Trying to build a car with a cart Grandpa used for paintings.
2. Swimming in flood water... Robert pointing a stick at me & pretending it was a gun.
3. Singing "Shimeee shincooopad!" in the barn.
4. Driving home after school the day I took the truck into the ditch, laughing about the thought of me driving the truck into someone's house.
5. All the forts we built with the dining room table.
6. The infamous watermelon joke at the dinner table...
7. Pretending to die after he tried to choke me one time...
8. Pinning him to the floor, holding me elbow at his temple & hissing, "I could kill you right now."
9. Hiding fake bugs & that fake rat in Mom's cupboards.
10. Playing Power Rangers at Grandpa & Grandma Lynk's.
11. Playing foosball & the ever-effective "angel touch"
12. Apples to Apples & the re-appearance of Helen Keller throughout the game.
13. Driving around Plymouth with Tim Hortons iced mochas.
14. All the band injuries that I didn't believe at first...
15. Walking to piano lessons together & hoping SJ wouldn't come to the door...
16. People-watching at horse shows: "Russians."
17. Nearly getting lost in the woods after lunch during bud-tying
18. Apple wars when we were supposed to be thinning...
19. Playing guitar together & thinking we were so awesome.
20. Playing Legos & "Cars & Trucks" for hours on end.
21. Playing catch in the back yard - me, always the QB and you always the WR... thinking we were probably the best combo since Jim Kelly & Andre Reed. Or something like that.
22. The multiple haircuts I gave you at such a tender age.
23. All the random jokes, fights, pranks, triumphs - - partners in crime (& punishment).

Happy birthday, brosive. I love you so much!

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  1. 4. hey, wasn't that on his birthday too???
    18. I found the apple wars when we were picking up drops to be much more exciting as some were rotten and had the splatter effect :)
    love and miss you!