make believe

Radvent Day 6: Adventuring!

Abandon your to-do list and go somewhere else. Somewhere new. Somewhere you have wanted to explore. Bring a camera and take a picture to celebrate the moment when you abandoned anxiety and insecurity, embraced imagination and opportunity, and let life unfold.

I'm barely able to keep up with this Radvent project, so I'm still putting this one on hold. I know, I know - I'm defeating the purpose of the adventure! I keep wanting to venture over to the Canton Library, and I still haven't even been there! If that's not pathetic for an English teacher to admit, I don't know what is (other than the fact that I don't like Wuthering Heights... another thing I don't think I'm supposed to admit as an English teacher!). Some awesome adventures I've had this year: road trip to North Dakota, Jamaica, Africa, NYC/NJ, and of course, several trips to WNY. Plus, next weekend Doug & I are going to visit Sara & Dave in Chicago! So I've done a lot of adventuring this year... but I'll try to get to the library this month.

Radvent Day 7: Playing!

What were your favorite games as a child? What did you like to do with your classmates or the neighborhood kids?

Um, obviously I love this topic & have a ton of material from my childhood days. I loved playing cars & trucks and creating Lego kingdoms with my brothers. I played house with my fair share of Barbies and dolls. I forced my little siblings into hours of "school". However, some of my fondest memories involve the slew of make-believe games my cousins and I played every time we got together, the most beloved of which was...

Run Away From the Orphanage, a.k.a Uncle Sam
In this charming game, all of us were oppressed, parent-less young women who were stuck at a horrendous, cruel orphanage, run by the tyrant Ms. Hannigan (hm, sound familiar?), most often set in Grandma's basement. We were fortunately able, by some series of events, to escape, running to the wild, unknown territory surrounding the orphanage (Dad's apple orchard or the hay mow). The details here get a little fuzzy, but somehow we'd end up captured by a group of rough but incredibly handsome men. They forced us to work as their maids, but of course, there were a few of them who had kind hearts and took pity on us poor girls. Eventually these men, whose names, incidentally, were the same as our elementary-school crushes, declared their undying love for us, helped us escape and reach our only living relative, our fabulously wealthy, generous and loving Uncle Sam. Then we all had a combined wedding and lived happily ever after.

Man, we were awesome.


  1. Bahahah! That 'orphan' game sounds exactly like something I would have played, if I wasn't an only child. Instead it was a lot of making house in the woods alone, or teaching to my stuffed animals. Oh childhood. :)

  2. haaa! i almosst forgot about uncle sam...where in sam hill did we come up with these things...