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Radvent Day 8: Creativity!

Have you ever astonished yourself by what you created? What did you learn from it?

I like to think of myself as a crafty person, yet I'm constantly surprised when something turns out well... mostly because I have so many incidents like this. But I do love all sorts of crafts & baking experiments & what not. Here are some...
-Our staff holiday party was "Michigan Made" - so I made Ford cupcakes.
-I made cafe curtains out of a shower curtain.
-For baby Lincoln, I made felt appliques for onesies.
-I've baked some other goodies as well.
-For baby Colden, I made jungle finger puppets.

Yes, I like to be crafty!

Radvent Day 9: Inspiration!

What inspires you?

(Could it be? Am I actually up to date for the moment?)
I decided to put a little spin on this and share some things that inspire me.

-Design*Sponge: I.am.obsessed. with this blog! I'm so impressed by people who are wonderful with design & color & crafts & refurbishing & what not.

-Annies-Eats: Amazing recipes. Beautiful pictures. Delicious results. In addition - this woman is a doctor & a mother?? How does anyone do this?!

-Jalexander Photography: Yeah, he's my cousin-in-law. No big deal. Justin is a phenomenal photographer & I often find myself perusing his work in awe. It helps that he has a hott model (& a new adorable mini model!) to work with.

-Homemade by Jill: This girl is ridiculous. I'm beyond jealous. The things she creates out of felt are out of control. Like this.

-Less Ordinary Designs: Sara Luke's custom-made cards. She's awesome & I really want to learn how to do this stuff!

-Carl Kleiner: this guy is sweet.

- Beneath This Starry Spinning: Okay, so I'm a little biased. But just because Victoria is one of my best friends, doesn't mean she's not amazing. Her home decor is wonderful, her poems are adorable, her food is delicious... she's just awesome.

-World Orphans: What a remarkable organization & a beautiful picture of what Christ has done for us.


  1. :o) thanks dude.
    i think you're pretty rad too.

  2. Oh gosh . . . just catching up on blogs tonight. Thanks for the nod. :)

  3. that onesie is flippin adorable. and the little finger puppets?! you are out of control.