33 days of hope

World Orphans has a project called 33 Days of Hope, in which they are trying to get 300 families to donate $33 per month to support orphans. Each day they send an email to their mailing list with a different story about one of their kids across the globe. Today's email was about Martin. Here's an excerpt.

Martin hopes to use his love for math to become an engineer. His dream is to help build airplanes... But Martin, like the 47 other boys at the Fountain of Life children's home in Kenya, did not always have hope for his future. Martin grew up in the slums of Nairobi. As a child on the streets, he learned to beg, scavenge and even steal for food. Without a family to care for him, Martin had little reason to consider his life valuable until he met the pastor at Fountain of Life. Now Martin has a home, a family, education, consistent emotional support and dreams for his future.
This season, as we enjoy the comforts of our homes and family, let's give just a little so that projects like Fountain of Life can continue to impact children around the world.

Click here to donate to 33 Days of Hope.

Martin, on our 2009 trip.

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