my dream...

Radvent Day 11: Dreaming...

What is your personal dream?

My biggest dream is to glorify God with my life... and to hopefully do that through being a Christ-like wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I've always been a little hesitant to say my dreams out loud. In college, the desire to be a wife and mother wasn't quite lofty enough. Now? I'm afraid that my life will turn out differently than I hope. Or that people will think I'm settling. Or that I'll get too fixated and not be open to God's leading.

All that being said, what I'd really like to do? Is buy the house across the street from my parents & raise a family there.

There. I said it.

There are a lot of other little dreams & goals, but that is the one.


  1. my dream too

  2. ouu, which house? where my parents lived in the little shack right after they got married? that would be rad.