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Thanksgiving meal is one of my all-time faves. I love hearty food & you sure can't beat Thanksgiving for that! Also - it has come to my attention, ever so gently, that I forgot to list MY MOTHER as a source of help in my Thanksgiving meal planning. Sorry, Mom - you are definitely my number one go-to source for all things cooking!
My menu for tomorrow:
Turkey ala Alton Brown, pan gravy, regular ole mashed potatoes, homestyle green bean casserole, cranberry-apple stuffing, Mom's squash puff, buttermilk rolls, and cran-cherry salsa. For dessert: the classic pumpkin pie, buttermilk coconut pie and pecan pie.

One of my students was surprised today when she discovered that I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws. She said something to the effect of not seeing me as "the Suzy Homemaker type." . . . Clearly my students know nothing about me.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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