not even 10 minutes after the previous post...

Walked back into the kitchen after writing my previous post, went to put pumpkin pie in the fridge, didn't stop to think that it would disturb the balance of the cooling rack, sent buttermilk coconut pie plummeting to the ground.

Now, I know it's no use crying over spilled [butter]milk, but I did have the mini-est of meltdowns. I may have texted Doug just to say, "I just dropped a pie on the ground. I'm sitting on the kitchen floor crying." And then texted him 3 minutes later to say, "I'm better now."

The good news is that I got to steal a bite of the pie, and it tastes freaking awesome. So, yeah, I will be serving this disasterpiece tomorrow.

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  1. I have had MANY, MANY a full-size meltdown over kitchen disasters... it's always when you have company coming for some big event when something goes horribly wrong. (I made Olivia's first birthday cake three times, due to various series of unfortunate events.) Anyway, I'm glad your pie is yummy... I might need that recipe - anything coconut is yummy!