recently i'm... (10)

Nervous About: this guy.
Have never made a real, whole turkey before. Thank goodness for Food Network & Alton Brown & the internet.

In the Middle Of: baking a pie for Doug's office party tomorrow. Buttermilk Coconut, to be exact. One of my personal favorites. Although, chances are good that if it's pie - it's one of my personal favorites.
sneaky self-portrait, too.

Annoyed With: I cut my thumb on an egg shell whilst baking said pie. Seriously?! Who cuts their finger open on an EGG? Anyway, I didn't even realize that I was bleeding until I went to yell at Zooey for barking incessantly, rubbed my fingers because they were wet, and realized I was smearing red all over. Of course, then I panicked, thinking I had bled all over this pie (um, hope none of Doug's co-workers know I have a blog). Thankfully, all ingredients were fine, but my towel had blood streaks all over it. You're welcome for that mental image, Internet.

Excited About: Other than Thanksgiving Day, NO PLANS this loooooong weekend! Maybe getting our Christmas tree?

Thinking: Can not WAIT to listen to Christmas music. And decorate for Christmas.

Reading: Still working on Scandalous, by D.A. Carson, about the power of the crucifixion and resurrection. Also still reading character diaries for The Crucible. Which were turned in weeks ago. I am a terrible teacher.

Watching & Listening To: I've watched & listened to the "Singing in the Rain/Umbrella" mash up from Glee last week way too many times... and still can't get enough.

Cooking: see picture above. Pretty pumped about my Thanksgiving menu. Minus the turkey. Although, if Doug can install a dishwasher by watching a DIY video, I can cook a stinking turkey.

Eating: Recently loving cilantro leaves in Caesar salad.

Missing: Becca - finally caught up last night. Hoping to see her & the other D.C. girls in March!

Wearing: walk-a-thon shirt

Heading Off: to check my pie...


  1. Seriously Rachel, I cooked a turkey last year by looking up step by step instructions on the computer and it turned out delicious! (Like the best turkey I have ever had delicious) Also, I am approximately 137 times less domestic than you (I can't even make a pie!) so you should be completely fine.

  2. We're using Alton Brown's recipe and tutorial too! My SIL made it last year and it was amaaazing!

  3. and thank goodness for your mother too, right? :)
    love you, good luck with all your cooking tasks.

  4. WHAT?!!?? No mention of "Thanksgiving Hotline" a.k.a. M-O-M??
    p.s. do NOT forget to check all turkey "cavities" for packets of giblets, necks, and other delicacies. Your Da' cooked a bird with the aforementioned "things" still inside.

  5. Nablopomo?
    I know that November is National Blog Posting Month! So I'm going to try to post every day. -Rachel C.B. Parton

    What happened?!?!?!?!? I was soooo excited to read all of the blog postings.
    I know I would probably read them a week later but....that doesn't matter