family fun

I am so thankful for my family. My parents are amazing & my little siblings are all hilarious and wonderful.

My parents & sisters left this morning after a fun-packed weekend. I didn't have school on Friday, and Emily didn't have school on Thursday, so they arrived Thursday evening, giving us a nice long weekend to hang out.
(Thursday night I was also reunited with my camera - - my "small scale" item of thanks for today!)

Doug had to work on Friday, so the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely morning walk in the foggy neighborhood.
After our walk, Mom, Emily & I spent the afternoon thrifting & visiting Borders. Dad & Jayne stayed home working on...
my new canning cupboard! My dad is seriously amazing - he didn't have a band saw or a table saw - - all of this was freehand! And look at the sides:
It's like an old pie cupboard! This is already getting me excited for Jamming 2011 with Victoria!

Friday night I made chicken parmesan for dinner & we walked to Coldstone afterward... we were definitely the only people walking around eating ice cream in the 40-degree weather! We got back and played Things in a Box and pretty much burned off all the ice cream calories with laughter.

Saturday morning I made pumpkin-spice applesauce pancakes... yum.
Then we all went to Frankenmuth! It was the first time for everyone, except Doug.
Thanks for coming to visit us - - I love you guys so much!


  1. Sooo Much funnn


  2. Very impressed with the cupboard Uncle Rog & Jayne!!