career affirmation?

My juniors are currently working on their college portfolios, in which they complete a vast array of self-discovery-esque surveys, career path indicators, college comparisons, etc. As I watched them go through some of these surveys, I thought back to my high school self. My high school career/guidance counselors were less than capable, so my classmates and I were never offered these assessment tools. Who KNOWS what I should be doing with my life?!

So I took them.

And good news, guys. Apparently I'm a "Good Match" for "High School Teacher".

But I'm also a "Good Match" for "Butcher" and "Very Good Match" for "Crossing Guard." Sooo... not really sure what this means for my future.

Parton's Crosswalk Butchery! Steers slaughtered while you wait!


  1. Ha ha!!! That is too funny! I could have told you that you are a good match to be a "High School Teacher"....;)

  2. I think both high school and college did a poor job of preparing us for reality... and when I took my career test, I was supposed to be an aeronautical engineer. Really?

  3. I could use a crossing guard here in western NY

  4. I'm with anonymous. I think the crosswalk butchery would go over well in the B-B school district, don't you?

    And I think I may need to take one of those surveys- I'm a nerd and think stuff like that is so much fun! Maybe I could possibly be a professional survey taker??

    v-word: wedswoon