house: den

My parents & sisters will be arriving here in about 3 hours & I am SO. EXCITED.

Aside from Robert, who got a tour of our house the day we closed, none of my family or friends from WNY have been able to see our new place.

Thought I'd share another before&after of the house - our little office/den!

The green of this room doesn't look too bad in that picture. However, the real color was much more... olive-y. Plus, with a red kitchen, it had to go. Also, although you can't tell from that picture... this carpet was NAS-TAY. (I'm talking potential crusted dog vomit in one corner, people.)
More accurate representation of color:


This brings me to my next item on my "thankful" list - -

On a large scale: our house. I feel so blessed by our home. We got such a great deal on it, almost everyday I sigh with relief that we won't have to move in a year (Lord willing), I love the location... I just feel so immensely spoiled.

On a small-scale: guacamole. I'm pretty much obsessed with it recently. So fresh & delicious. I'm going to go eat some right now.

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  1. nice wall color!

    mmmm guacamole...

    have so much fun this weekend!!