the time i tried to burn our house down

I just walked in the door from a day at school and thought to myself, "Wow! My house smells delectable. I'm so glad I got those Yankee candles."

I checked my email, remembered that I missed an episode of Glee and it would be on Hulu, so I decided to make some popcorn for me & Zooey and snuggle up.

Went over to the microwave, glanced at the candle on the stove... and realized it was still burning. From when I lit it last night.

THAT could have ended poorly...


  1. be careful you little idiot :o)

  2. Been there, done that. Except for me it would have been an entire dorm...it now makes sense to me why they wouldn't let us have candles in the dorm.

  3. I left a jar candle burning all night at the office. The morning maintenance crew found it... and reported it... oops.