triumphant return

Zooey wanted me to apologize to her loyal fans for her lack of balancing tricks over the past couple months. She would like all of you to know that she has been "ridiculously swamped." Doing what, you ask?

Well, scrubbing the scuff marks off the hardwood floors, for starters. She said in this picture she's trying to decide what cleaning product to use.

Making sure all the furniture still feels the same in the new house.

ALL the furniture in the house.

Making sure the new house still has snacks.

Making our guests feel... welcome.

Perusing various home improvement magazines. Much to her chagrin, she couldn't find any articles about installing a puppy popcorn dispenser.

But amidst all this madness, she has taken some time out of her packed schedule to "appease the adoring masses." She knew she needed to go big for her return trick, and when she proposed this idea, I knew we had a winner.

So, from Zooey to her *cough* patient followers...

... mazel tov.