front door

In continuing (ever-so-slowly) the pictures of our house as it comes together... here is a terrible comparison of the front door. I accidentally left my camera at home in WNY after spending the weekend with my family, so you'll have to deal with this until I get it back.

The house itself is the same color as before (gray/blue). I'm just too impatient to wait until I have a better picture of the front door to do a real before/after shot.

More coming... someday...

Also... haven't been doing such a great job keeping track of the "mastheads", so here goes. I think I left off in July... oops.

July 2010: Out wandering the world
Just a factual statement of my life in July.

August 2010: Do I dare disturb the universe?
From "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"... I'm so pensive.

September 2010: (Hide your kids, hide your wife)

October 2010: Queen of the Phonies
From Catcher in the Rye, naturally.
(Happy belated Banned Books Week!)


  1. Oh - I thought maybe "queen of the phonies" was what uncle stu called you while you were home this weekend. ha! (but seriously, that's immediately what I assumed when I saw it!)...haha!

  2. HA! Lynz - I actually had that same thought when I was making the header! I was like, "Hmm, sounds like something Uncle Stu would say!" Further proof our twin-ness.