quick & random

School starts tomorrow. Yikes.

Doug & I went to his dad's house in Indiana yesterday and came back today. We now have a washer & dryer. Yay! Our house is slowly but surely coming together.

I made taco bowls and homemade seasoning tonight for dinner, ala Annie's Eats. If you like tacos, you must try this homemade seasoning and quick trick for making taco bowls!

My friend Debbie had her baby last week!
Lincoln Kress Townley - beautiful little guy.

And finally, here's a sneak peek of some of the work that we've been doing on our house! The room that I not-so-affectionately called "the neapolitan room" has become "the yellow room".

More to come at some point in the future...


  1. Yeah Debbie and Kress! C'mon Rae, why didn't you leave the Neapolitan room?" It was lovely. -- marmy

  2. yay debbie! congrats!!

    good luck at school tomorrow rach! hope the year starts off well.

    yellow room looks great!

    missed you guys yesterday.


  3. super cute home! And I love the new blog title. That video makes me laugh so hard! "you are sooo dUmb!"