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One of my best friends in the world, Sara, moved to Chicago a couple weeks ago. First I had intended on doing a birthday post for her (June 26th), but I was in NY and didn't get to a computer, then I was going to do a post dedicated to her when she left, but time slipped away from me.

So, this is sort of a belated birthday/I'm going to miss you/I miss you like crazy post for my dear friend.

Some things I love about Sara:
- Her love & passion for Jesus Christ & the advancement of His Gospel
- Her devotion to her husband, Dave
- Her love for teenagers & desire to see them love the Lord
- Her heart for Africa & compassion for orphans
- Her absolute selflessness
- Her sense of humor
- Her creative genius (seriously - this girl is ridiculously talented)
- Her loyalty to her friends & family
- Her amazing memory
- Her thoughtfulness
- Her bluntness & honesty
- Her fearlessness
- Her leadership
- Her generosity
- Her love for all things mini
- Her mini bladder
- How laid back she is
- That she also loves Dwight
- Her annoyed voice
- Her ability to talk to anyone
- The way she evaluates everything
- Her enchiladas & chocolate cake w/ raspberries
- That she's such a tomboy
- That she always uses a straw

And the list could go on & on & on!

Even if you don't know Sara - pray for her job search in Chicago. And if you live in the Chicago area and know of a job opening for someone who is a hard worker & super creative - hire her!
Sar Bear - love & miss you.

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  1. Katie Rievert9/20/10, 7:07 PM

    ok this makes me miss her so much more! you guys are good cute friends