a new school year

I've been reading through Philippians recently, trying to take the time to digest what's there and truly understand what I'm reading. I've been mulling over Philippians 1:9 for a few days.
"And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight..."
I've been asking myself what it MEANS to love in knowledge and depth of insight.

So, for today's journal response with my juniors, I decided to ask them just that! What does it mean to love in knowledge & depth of insight? What does it look like when one lives that way?

Here were some of the responses I received.
"We can love in depth of insight by knowing why we love others. We have the insight of knowing we ultimately love others to show the love of Christ. If we love with knowledge and depth of insight our love will make a difference in the hearts of others."
"... By this he might mean making their love a deeper, more full love. This kind of love would not just be a superficial, casual love, but one that involves thinking and deliberate action. This might also mean thinking about how to love others."
"... to love others in an understanding way... having a selfless love, with insight into the person's life and knowing how to help them or show God's love to them. It is a love that grows and develops with time."
"It is to love as Christ loves. When someone doesn't deserve it and you still love them. It is loving your enemy. It is unconditional crazy love, like the love Hosea had for his wife although she didn't deserve it."
"This kind of love is intentional; it is choosing to love even though it is not convenient for you. It is making an effort to show love to all of God's creation - not just those you feel especially comfortable around."
"... means to love through Christ and to love how Christ loves us. When I love people, it should be based on the knowledge that Christ loves me."

... out of the mouths of babes ...

It's going to be a good year.

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  1. So good! What lucky kids to have you as a teacher :)