domestic violence

First she gets sprayed by a skunk, then she starts abusing Doug. To clarify - I'm talking about Zooey, not myself.

On Wednesday morning, Doug woke up at 4:45am (without an alarm) and was pumped to take Zooey for a walk, do his devos, and go to work early to get a ton of stuff done. So he and Zooey started off, and since no one else was out at that ungodly hour, he let Zooey off her leash for a good romp in the park. Except that a local skunk was also enjoying his romp and Zooey wanted to play. She proceeded to jump back and forth over said skunk, just to make sure she was cloaked in his scent. Safe to say, Doug did not get as much done that morning as he had hoped. We doused Zooey in everything we had around the house: diced tomatoes (yeah, didn't have plain tomato juice... there are still remnants on our patio), peroxide+baking soda+dish detergent, mouthwash, vinegar, human shampoo, dog shampoo... Doug finally ended up going to our vet and purchasing a glorious product called "Skunk-Off". She was given another bath in it yesterday, and the scent is pretty much gone.

To retaliate for all those baths, Zooey clobbered Doug in the face this morning. She was pretty hyper this morning, and Doug was bending down to pick up one of her chew toys right when she decided she needed to jump at his face. Ouch. Commence black eye and split lip. (Could have been worse, right Mom? Could have wound up with a detached retina and pirate eye patch! Too soon?)

Here's Doug, doing his best Marshall Mathers impression.

Where is this blog going? This is the 2nd family comparison to Eminem... who knew we were so gangsta?


  1. oh my! must run in the family...have you seen aj lately?!

  2. good ole ollie took her down. he took off after a squirrel.[have you had the pleasure of meeting oliver yet?]
    she also has a mean black eye. i'll try to get a pic on my blog for you...

  3. Beware. We thought we were rid of the skunk smell on Jude until it rained. Wet dog = return of the smell. Not as strong. But lingering. For months, every time he got wet.

    I'll have to remember Skunk-off!!

    Poor Doug.

  4. ouu. not good. both the skunk dog and the black eye. doug does look quite gangsta though. and being pumped to be up at 4:45?! that's just gross.