happy easter

Makings of a delightful Easter...

- Early service w/ a great sermon (although, only 2 congregational hymns - sad!)
- Sunshine & laughter on the way home
- Working hard to prepare dinner, w/ some... help...
- Family, especially giggly niece & nephew
- Having said dinner turn out pretty much perfectly!
- A pretty, homemade lemon cake (confession: frosting was purchased from Ideal Cakes, because they have the best vanilla frosting ever!)
- Celebrating 8 years of life
- Teamwork doing dishes
- A semi-nap/veg on the couch with Doug & dog
- Last bag of mini Cadbury eggs for the season
- Watching baseball
- Packing for North Dakota
- Love of a risen Savior!

"He is not here, he has risen, just as he said!"

Happy Easter.

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  1. emily hapner4/4/10, 10:06 PM

    Uhm, that cake looks AMAZING. I think you should come visit us in Raleigh...I'll provide the lemons:)

    Happy Easter, friends. Have a wonderful time in North Dakota!
    em [& jim]