road trip 2010, pt. 1

Over the past 5 days, Doug & I drove 3,157 miles.
That is a lot of driving.

I'll do another post soon with more pics (I only took about a thousand) & tales, but I think my legs are beginning to atrophy, so I'm taking Zooey for a walk.


  1. So fun!

    We had a cross country road trip planned for September of 2006 . . . which would have been shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Jack. But that's when gas prices sky rocketed to $4 a gallon or something like that so we opted out.

    Maybe when our next is empty . . .

  2. your sign brings back chorus memories! Hey Boy! can't wait to hear/see more about your trip. maybe I will share some of our adventures too. we should roadtrip together sometime :)

    love and miss you! ariel