good friday

Happy birthday, Dad! Kisses & hugs & um, headrubs!

And a very happy belated birthday to Grandma Bannister - who turned 92 yesterday!! Pretty incredible. She's the spryest 92 year old I know!

This Good Friday is shaping up to be a Terrific Friday...
-Got to sleep in!
-Gorgeous weather
-Played outside with Zooey for a bit.
-Called my Pops!
-Went grocery shopping.
-Drove with the windows down!

Plans for the rest of the day:
-"Experiential Worship" @ church with Doug (leaving as soon as I finish this post!)
-Cleaning the kitchen & house
-Going on a walk with Zoo
-Start packing for ND!
-Preparing "Modified Last Supper"
-Enjoying said supper outside with Patti & Zac
-Walk to get ice cream?

Tonight will be only the 2nd meal I've made this week (we got Chinese on Monday & had leftovers Tuesday & we grilled hotdogs Weds & last night I made bbq chicken), but I figure that Easter dinner counts for like, at least 2 dinners. So that's how I'm justifying my slacking.

Okay, off to enjoy the sunshine! Have a blessed Good Friday & Easter!

Oh - April masthead is a line from the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. I'll have to share a student response to the poem in a future post...


  1. how cute!

  2. "april is the cruelest month" if we're talkin' T.S.

    One day, I plan to delve deep into my psyche to figure out why I spontaneously began reciting "Prufrock" during Cedar's birth.