spring fever

1. A few days (Saturday) ago I started a post saying that my freshman classes had their research papers due Monday (yesterday). I continued to say that my goal was to have them done before Saturday (4 days from now). Hahahahahahahaha. I made the rubric yesterday. I marked up one paper yesterday. This is not looking good for that original goal.

2. Surprise! Doug & I are going to North Dakota for Easter Break! We are going to visit Robert and then maybe venture into the Badlands... who knows?! We leave in less than a week and we haven't nailed down any details! We are living on the wild side! Also, we are driving! We are young & foolish! The world is our oyster!

3. Listening to: David Platt's Secret Church series "The Cross of Christ". I cannot recommend this series enough! Make time to listen to it - just one hour at a time. Put on headphones while you go for a walk. Have it playing while you do laundry. Just listen to it. I'm doing this with my sophomore girls' small group leading up to Easter - it's been amazing. The series is divided into 4 hour-long teachings (that's 4 teachings that are each an hour long, to clarify) to make it more manageable. So far, Platt has gone through the divine dilemma (How can a holy God satisfy himself and still save sinners?), the divine substitution (Jesus was fully God & fully man; he died the death we should have died), each stage of the cross & the various implications... I am learning so much and have a newfound appreciation of the cross. I wanted to say a newfound "understanding" - - but I'm not there yet. Pieces are coming together like never before, and there are times when I'm listening to Platt teach that I just get goosebumps when something clicks. "May I never lose the wonder of the cross!"

That's all... off to cuddle with Zooey & perhaps read through some research papers...


  1. Oh! Have fun on your Easter break and be sure to post pictures!

  2. so happy you're going to visit robert. have a great time!

  3. I love hanging around teachers. I feel life is more organized just by being around folks who use words like "rubric."

  4. The series on the cross is one of my favorites. I listened to it in the car a few months ago when I was driving to my mom's house. I may listen again; it has so many truths to be processed.