elephant rock

Doug's Grandpa Jack passed away last Friday. We drove to Missouri on Sunday morning for the viewing and funeral. It was a sad loss for the family, but there was a seed of hope, as the pastor told the family that Grandpa Jack had accepted Christ earlier in the week.

On Monday morning before the funeral, Doug took me to Elephant Rock - a place he and his brothers used to visit as children. It was freezing, but still really beautiful and the rocks, um... rock! (Ah, the pun. Never tire of it.)

The funeral was at 2pm (an hour earlier than our local Michigan time), and we left for home around 4:30 their time/5:30 Michigan time. We got home around 3:30am Tuesday morning. It was a flying trip, but I'm really thankful we were able to support Doug's fam and say goodbye to Grandpa Jack.