recently i'm... (3)

I'm getting really lazy with blogging. I might only ever do these updates from now on:

Reading: Ministries of Mercy by Tim Keller. Have only read the introduction so far.

Listening: to Zooey gnawing on a bone.

Watching: Okay, guilty admission. I watched quite a few episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager over break. I hate/love it. One of those weird shows that annoys me but I can't stop watching it. Go on and judge.

Cooking: I've been doing really well with my New Years Resolution! While my mom and sisters were here last week, an amazing breakfast (if I may say so myself) - Pineapple Upside Down Monkey Bread. SO GOOD.
Cute, Jay.

Eating: Yeah, it's that time of year. SWEET BLISS.

Wishing: Selfishly? That we'd have another snow day tomorrow. We had one Monday, but I was already planning on taking the day off. We went to Missouri for Doug's grandpa's funeral. Academically, a snow day would be awful. But for me, personally? Let's be honest.

Thinking: I'm surprised by my attitude toward winter this year. I always think snow is pretty, but this year I find myself much less annoyed by snow & cold. It's probably because we have a garage this winter... plus, it helps that pretty much the entire country is cold these days.

Craving: Nothing (see picture above, ha!)

Excited About: Easter break! I know I just said I'm enjoying winter this year, but I'm mostly pumped about a vacation with Doug! The two of us haven't gone on a vacation together, just the two of us, since our 1-year anniversary. We haven't solidified our plans yet, but I'm excited nonetheless.

Laughing At: Evgeni Plushenko's desperation & pathetic creation of a "platinum medal"after losing to Evan Lysacek (rightly!) in the Olympics. (And laughing at myself for caring this much about men's figure skating!)

Annoyed With: The Olympic coverage, and the fact that I can't stay up to watch all of Ladies' Figure Skating!

Feeling Bad: That it's 5:30 and I haven't started dinner yet...

Grading: Um, still working on those portfolios. Whoops.

Loving: My sophomore girls' small group and our discussion on Philippians.

Reminiscing About: my visit to Italy back in Fall 2006 with my Oxford BFF.


  1. yum. i want that monkey bread pineapple-ness for breakfast.

  2. jayne looks a little distressed at having to eat the lovely monkey bread. i'm a little distressed that i haven't gotten any cadbury eggs yet this season!!!

  3. Missing: my daughter what love me.