suggestion & internal debate

First of all -
Manda, do you remember at Lynz's wedding when we were talking about our quest for the perfect mascara? I may have found it.
Must buy in "glam black", of course.

Second -
More & more of my students are discovering (& reading?) my blog, and it's sort of weirding me out. I don't necessarily want to make my blog private, but I'd also like to maintain some privacy and not have students telling me my salmon pizza looks gross. I like keeping in touch with family & friends and sharing the random/mundane events of my life with those who care to read but... I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just start writing about grammar and literature - - they'd tune me out quickly!


  1. another mascara suggestion: cover girl, lashblast. i'm a big fan! don't you love buy new make up?

    the students with your blog isn't fun. i'd say you could do the kind of blog setting where people have to sign in with e-mail address to read??? although that might be annoying to have to invite all your readers. if you have a link to your blog from fb, i'd remove that.

  2. i feel like running to the store and buying it immediately!! lately i've had the worst luck with mascara. i've been trying brand after brand and have not been happy. and i do remember doing our eyes together at lynz's wedding because i remember also talking about curling our lashes and i'm pretty sure the eyelash curler i'm using now is curling my lashes down. and i think the one i was using at her wedding was the best one i've used yet. i think it's time for me to make an appointment with the cosmetic aisle.
    also, anyone who said your salmon pizza looked gross should be blocked from the blog.
    also, i was scrolling through your blog looking for the pizza and noticed again the mini eggs and again am mad i still do not have any! also need to make appointment with easter candy aisle.
    also, is this the longest comment or what?!

  3. thanks for the mascara tip, I'm in the market for a mascara upgrade.

    Secondly, that's a pickle about your students. I think friends and family who want to keep up with your blog wouldn't mind extra 'security' measures. If I had to do a retinal scan just to read your blog, I would. (that sounded really creepy and stalkeresque, but it wasn't meant that way).

  4. thanks for the suggestions, girls. :)

    jeanette - - when i first read your comment, i thought you had written a "rectal scan" and I was like, whoa - that is some serious devotion.

  5. just don't leave us!
    i would know nothing about you...

    maybe one of these days i will start a blog so you know what is going on in my life too!

    love and miss you


  6. The perfect mascara? Never knew such a thing existed, though like you and so many others, I've been on this quest. A long time. Must give it a try.

  7. glam black... eeew, that isn't my color.