Edit: After re-reading this, it sounds like a lot of complaining. I apologize - I DO think it's pretty rad that I get paid to dress up & be crazy with teenagers, and I'm so blessed by my kiddos and co-workers. That being said, it's still a crazy week, and I want to share it with you!
In terms of school, the month of January is best summed up in one word: MADNESS.

After Christmas break, school started back up on Jan. 4th. We had two weeks before midterms - just enough time to wrap up a unit and review everything from the 1st semester. But were students preoccupied with the impending exams? Of course not! Because the week after exam week was SPIRIT WEEK AND HOMECOMING.

No school on Jan. 18th for MLK, Jr. Day, then midterms started that Tuesday. We had half-days every day, which one would think would make for an easier week - and as far as grades and lesson planning go, that's true. But let's not forget that SPIRIT WEEK AND HOMECOMING were the following week... so, in summary - no rest for the weary.

Fast forward to Friday & Saturday of exam week: HALL DECORATING begins. 15 hours of painting, gluing, cutting, taping, paper-crinkling, stapling, paper-chain-linking, etc...

Oh, did I mention that SPIRIT WEEK was also the first week of the SECOND SEMESTER? Minor detail. Don't get me wrong - Spirit Week is definitely a blast, but it's also absolutely exhausting. So here we go:

Monday, Jan. 25 - "Come As You Are Day"
(aka Pajama Day)

Tuesday, Jan. 26 - "Hippie Day"

Assembly: Class relays.
Did you know you can...
Get 5 teenagers to go through a hula hoop twice,
make a teenager act like a cat and lick up whipped cream,
have a teenager spoon feed baby bananas and pepsi in a baby bottle to two other teenagers,
wipe peanut butter on a teenager's face and throw 10 Cheetohs at them,
get 15 teenagers to chug pop and make a pyramid with their cups,
get 11 teenagers to form a pyramid with their bodies,
have two teenagers pop a bunch of balloons, run, and
knock over a bunch of dominos
in 6 minutes and 16 seconds?! It's true (and the sophomores won!).

Peace, love & the coolest sponsors ever.

Wednesday, Jan. 27 - "Famous Person Day"
-No pictures. Oops.-
I was going to be Rip Hamilton, because I have his jersey, but then we weren't allowed to "cross dress," so I was "Rip Hamilton's Publicist". Does he have a female publicist? No clue. Is she famous? Clearly not. Oh well.

Thursday, Jan. 28 - "Class Theme Day"
Also, my 25th birthday. If there was one thing I would choose to do to celebrate my birthday in the whole world, what would it be? The chance to wear a wig, take off my pants and dance in front of the whole school? ABSOLUTELY.
Fans adoring the eagle...
Just 4 average citizens?
Think again.
Syndrome & his cronies...
Incredibles & retired superheroes
(We took 3rd place...)

Mrs. Incredible & Edna... oh, the things we do for our class.

Friday, Jan. 29th - "PCA Spirit Day"
Also my co-sponsor & dear friend Marisa's 30th birthday!
(kid in red changed his shirt because he would later be duct-taped to the wall)

The homecoming game was that night (was that really last night?!). The sophomore class is in charge of concessions for games throughout the year, so Marisa & I were in charge. We decided it would be a good idea to make cotton candy. Unfortunately, the rental company did not give us a cover for our cotton candy.
It got everywhere.
(Note the plastic bag tied around my Smartboard projector!)
So, got to the school at 7:15am on Friday morning and got home at 12:15am on Saturday morning.

Saturday, Jan. 30 - today!
I went back this morning for an hour to finish licking cleaning cotton candy out of the carpet. Tonight is the Homecoming Social, which I be supervising... then SPIRIT WEEK is OVER!


  1. cute outfits- but i think we were cuter hippies for our spirit week! love you! ariel :)

  2. shew! you're a wonderful teacher.
    and happy belated birthday!!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

    Happy Birthday girlie!!

  4. Hey Miss Parton! We're not crazy! and i told you that id comment on your page! - Your favorite and most akward student!