Dinners so far this week:

Mom's Pulled Pork & Mom's Cornbread - YUM.

Spinach & Cheese Rollups (recipe here)

Tomorrow night: Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

Also, Zooey sulking in her cage because we won't let her beg by the table during dinner:

Random things at school:
-Monday morning I tripped over a box in the computer lab and fell.
-Yesterday a student pricked my finger and the science teacher told me what type of blood I have (O Negative, if you were wondering - universal donor!).

Birthday update:
-All my students sang to me, multiple times throughout the day
-My friend & co-worker Katy had one of her classes line up and each student gave me a Jolly Rancher and said a reason that I made them "jolly"
-Doug made dinner (chicken tetrazzini!) - DELICIOUS
-Doug (& Betty Crocker...) made a wonderful cake
-We watched a movie & cuddled.

It was a delightful birthday!


  1. birthdays as a teacher are so fun! I mean they're fun regardless, but I just feel like teachers get better birthday attention!

    Can you send me recipe for parmesan tilapia?

    Also, your Walt comment on my blog made me laugh for about 3 minutes. It was one of those comments that your brain comes back to later and you laugh again. Loved it!

  2. did anybody see you trip & fall??!!

    so cute that doug made you a cake! what a guy!