recently i'm...

Reading: Ragamuffin Gospel

Listening: Glee Soundtrack, Vol. 1 and David Platt podcasts

Watching: Modern Family and The Office and 30 Rock (online... when time allows.)

Cooking: Steak & Potatoes

Wearing: pajama pants to work today (love homecoming...)

Wishing: I could go to Haiti and adopt a baby.

Thinking: It's a shame that people (myself included!) get in the way of the beauty of Jesus.

Craving: chocolate milkshake from the Java House

Digging: (500) Days of Summer

Excited About: CDC's upcoming warehouse transformation!

Laughing At: Doug semi-bowing to the hostess at Antonio's

Hoping: my evaluation this week goes well

Annoyed With: rude teenagers

Feeling Bad: that it rained and ruined the ice sculptures in the park

Grading: NOTHING

Loving: when Zooey tries to hide from her bath


  1. i want to adopt a baby from haiti, too.
    i think i'm driving jim crazy. i've become slightly obsessive:)

    so...if you decide to go, i'm in.

  2. I was watching the Today show the other day and they were reporting how adoptions that were in their initial getting things filed stage were sped up so that Haitian orphans can get to their new families quicker. I wish I was one of those families.

    Also, I recently fell in love with Modern Family...it's comedic bliss.

    Finally, Eli was asking about you the other day with a tear in his eye. We need to see you stat.

    Stat means now.

  3. I'm actually beginning to find beauty in the way Jesus shines through in seriously flawed, stumbling, confused, rebellious, annoying, people.

    Love you,

  4. hahahaha love the picture of zooey!
    and congrats on not grading anything!!!

  5. Let me know when your adoption bus leaves for Haiti... my heart so breaks for all the little ones there!
    And, (disclaimer) I am nothing remotely resembling a dog lover, but that picture made me laugh out loud!

  6. Hope you don't mind -- I wrote my own version of this list at LifeinA-Town.com.