nine was fine

Dear 2009,
Well, you were awesome, rough, fun, difficult, crazy & fun while you lasted, but now you've gone. You taught us a lot about marriage, family & faith, which has made you unforgettable. Let's take a look.

January 2009
-Victoria & I put Good Apple on Etsy... and subsequently sold our stuff & haven't updated it. Oops.
-1st experience of homecoming as a teacher and a class sponsor
-Decided to take a break from Facebook.
-Turned 24

February 2009
-Jeanette had a baby! Elijah Parker (a.k.a. Master P) enters the world!

March 2009
-Started listening to Tim Keller.
-My fam (sans Robert & Ethan) came to visit & we toured Detroit.
-Doug & I became credit card debt free!
-We found out Deb & Kress would be in Michigan indefinitely!

April 2009
-I finished Moby Dick. BOOYA.
-Spent Easter with my family, and Emily came to stay with us for a week!
-My friend Marisa had a baby and allowed me to practice some photography.

May 2009
-Swine flu epidemic freaks out everyone. Benefit: no school.
-Emily turned 16!
-Wrapped up my first year leading a small group.
-Fell in love with my husband all over again.

June 2009
-I finished my first full year of teaching.
-I got Facebook back.
-I started working as an intern with the youth group & subsequently went to Tennessee for the first time ever.
-Had an awesome yard sale with fabulous friends.
-Ethan graduated from high school!

July 2009
-Celebrated 4th of July with the Bannister-Nesbitt clan.
-Celebrated 2 years of marriage with Dougie.
-Went to Jamaica with the youth group. Subsequently fell in love with Jamaica.
-An uninvited guest showed up.

August 2009
-Lyndsay & Andy came to visit!
-Took my first senior pictures.
-Finished summer internship with youth group.
-Our family expanded by one.
-We moved to our new apartment.
-Jayne turned 12 and Ethan left for Grove City College!

September 2009
-Started my 2nd year at PCA.
-Started my 2nd year leading a small group.
-Doug & I took Zooey to Fall Festival where she was an instant hit.
-Went to Spiritual Life Retreat with my class for the second time.
-Girls' Road Trip 2009 with Katy & Sara to WNY!

October 2009
-Took some more pictures.
-Victoria & Jeremy came to visit!!
-We took advantage of the beautiful weather.

November 2009
-Ethan turned 19.
-We went to Africa. Subsequently, I fell in love with Africa.
-We went to WNY for Thanksgiving with my family.

December 2009
-Doug got a promotion!
-Doug turned 27!
-Zooey continued growing & learning awesome tricks.
-We went to WNY for Christmas with my family.

And with that, 2009, it's time to put you in the archives with all your other friends who have come and gone. Thanks for the memories, but now it's off with the old & on with the new!


Dear 2010,
Let's rock & roll.

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