hope for 2010

Just watched a fabulous David Platt sermon with Doug, and I want to share this. Take 50 minutes - watch & listen.

"In 2010, hope in this: God will be true to his character.

[...] We can know that no matter what happens in 2010, God will be loving and God will be merciful. God will be good. God will be wise and God will be just and God will be sovereign. He will be in control of every single detail in 2010. In a world where everything is unreliable and inconsistent and shifting, brothers and sisters, God is constant. And he does not change like shifting shadows, and all throughout 2010 we can hope in this: he will be true to his character in every moment and every situation.

[...] None of us have the promise that our health will be good in 2010, or our job will be secure or our finances will be there or the world around us will be safe. We do not have promises like that. But what we have from God are promises far, far greater than these things. [...]
There is nothing the world can do to us that can take away that hope. God will be faithful to his word in your life. Put your hope in that, find joy and peace in that. Don't look other places for hope - let him be your hope.

[...] Christ is the hope in our lives, in our marriages, in our children's, lives, in the world around us, and in the nations.
Christ is our hope."

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