christmas pictorial

BFFs riding shotgun:

Bannisters don't mess around when it comes to Christmas trees.
Mom had big plans for the fam:
The pond froze over:
So we went ice skating:
It was smooth as glass in the middle:
Then we had hot cocoa afterward:
After church, we made snowflakes:
Dad is the master snowflake maker:
Jayne focusing intensely:
Christmas Eve pjs!
Every Christmas Eve, my dad reads The Night Before Christmas. This year, we called Robert on speakerphone so he could hear too.

12.25.09 - Merry Christmas!
Santa came:
Yummy Christmas dinner:
Pool tourney:
Shaking hands after Jayne defeated me soundly:
Doug strategizing?
The bracket Mom made. Yes, she made a bracket.
(Doug ended up winning!)

12.26.09 -Boxing Day
We watched some soccer & lounged pretty much all day.

Fam went to Grandma & Grandpa Lynk's, and Doug & I went to Victoria & Jeremy's. V, I didn't get any pics of the 2 of us. Frown face.

Cute Christmas mantel:
The Mookster:
Sidenote: Who is 6 months pregnant, works full time, has a long-haired dog and still has floors this clean?!

We had to complete Mom's schedule, so we decorated cookies.

All in all, a wonderful Christmas (with the exception of Robert's absence). I'm sad I didn't get to see more people while we were home & that we'll miss Bannister Christmas.

Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Love the Christmas recap! The frozen pond pictures are great! Your fam = so cute! Missed you two at Bannister.

    v-word: zoedleur

  2. We missed you at Ban Christmas!! Does that mean you missed out on your dad's caramels-ouch.