finally getting holly & jolly

Took us long enough, but our house is finally starting to feel
Christmas-y. In our defense, we had planned on getting a tree on Dec. 5th, but the place where we went was charging $75 for the size we've gotten the past 2 years. Not happening.

So we went to a place closer to home & found a slightly smaller tree for $25. Hooray!

Tree topper (I did still need to stand on a chair - not THAT much smaller!)

Doug & Zooey, helping me decorate...

I also realized that I never put up any pictures of our new apartment like I promised, oh, 3 months ago or so. So above is our lovely gas fireplace, which I adore.

The Christmas re-arrangement of our living room:
Please ignore messy tree skirt - we've got our hands full just trying to keep Zoo from eating the tree.

View from fireplace: living room, dining room & kitchen
Plus what I've seen of my husband recently - but the final for his class is tonight!!

View from living room of dining room & part of kitchen:

& that's the downstairs.
Pictures of upstairs forthcoming - - after I do laundry, so it could be awhile...


  1. yay for apartment pictures...and for getting holly & jolly!
    [slightly,ok, very jealous of the fireplace.]

    my v word: later

  2. i like the little shelf above doug's head with the vases...very cute!

    my v word: grapsing.
    almost as good as marla's!

  3. what is this world coming to that someone would charge $75 for a Christmas tree?!

    super cute apartment. love the fireplace. can't wait to see more. [more pictures of the apartment that is, not the fireplace; although i guess you could do a fireplace series.]

    what? mar's v-word was later??! mine are never real words.
    proof. my v-word: reithend