zooey update

Since there are some family members who are more interested in how Zooey is doing than how Doug & I are doing (*ahem* EMILY), I thought I'd give a little pictorial update on the world's coolest canine.

1st day of puppy school picture that I never posted:
I can't get over how mini she is in this picture!

Zooey gets ridiculously excited when Doug comes home from work. Sometimes, if I see Doug pull into the driveway before Zooey can hear the car door, I'll say, "Who's here??" in an excited voice, and she'll jump up from the couch, like so:
then race to the door and start barking in anticipation. It's pretty cute.

Zooey was pretty bad about walking on her leash, so we got this little miracle called "The Gentle Leader" - which Zooey hates and we love. (Came with a highly entertaining dvd - we rewound and watched a lady being knocked over by her dog about 10 times.) Anyway, in this picture, Zooey is freaking out and trying to get the leader off.

Posing for her studio portraits?

Just hanging out, pondering the mysteries of life...

Cuddling with Jayne over Thanksgiving

Cuddling with Doug over Thanksgiving

Crawling behind the air mattress to lie by her favorite spot in the office - the vent.

Annoyed that I'm interrupting her nap.

Helping Doug study.

Now, the real reason I wanted a dog - -
An exploration of Zooey's various balancing tricks and her accompanying thoughts:
"And you seriously wondered why I jumped on your bed and peed on it that one time?"

"Say 'okay!' Say 'okay!' Say 'okay!'"

"Really? An elephant?"


& that's Zoo over the last 3 months, in a nutshell.

. . . All I know is that our kids have a lot to live up to.


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  2. Yess! I love the picture of her in her little hiding spot.
    SO cute!

  3. Hey, this is Kristen (Lyndsay's roommate from college) - just had to comment on your Zooey post :) The Gentle Leader is AMAZING!! We use it for our dog (well, the Halti, but I think they are about the same thing) and it helped a ton!

    Love all the pictures of her balancing objects! Looks like she is a ton of fun :)


  4. oh my...i love, love that picture of zoo in the hat! too great!!