i dig doug

27 fun memories with my birthday boy:

1. When we first officially met - in the library at Spring Arbor.
2. How we used to play Mexican train & chess in Village E.
3. The time we watched fireworks on your dad's roof.
4. When we went to Niagara Falls (your first time), and you thought I fell into traffic.
5. Playing 20 Questions the whole way from my parents' house to Brooklyn.
6. How I used to stay in the library until 2am with you while you finished papers, even though I was done with my homework.
7. When I drove to Brooklyn to surprise you for your 23rd birthday.
8. When you flew to England to surprise me at Oxford.
9. When we went to France and didn't speak any French and were really hungry and it was pouring so we got quasi-Burger King.
10. Our trip to Mackinac Island, biking around the island on 1-speeds.
11. That time we went to Walmart in Mexico...
12. When we walked to Lime Lake & got lost on the way back because I knew the right way to go, but didn't want to contradict you because you just told me you liked me.
13. The first time you said you loved me.
14. When we went to look at engagement rings together.
15. Pancake breakfasts on Saturday mornings with Kress & Deb and Heather & Steve.
16. The time I had a migraine and you came over during open hours to check on me and brought me Subway.
17. When you were running for student body president, and we had the lemonade stand and handed out stickers that said "I dig Doug!"
18. When you proposed.
19. Our wedding, and how I kept laughing during the vows.
20. All the drives back & forth from Michigan to New York, and all the crazy things we laugh about.
21. When we used to do puzzles together with the Arbor Oaks residents.
22. The times that I visited you in NYC & always got roped into helping at LO.
23. Pizza, Mountain Dew & Frank Sinatra after the JSO concert.
24. Weeding the pond together before the wedding.
25. Making up stories about people at "Rhythms of the Night" - especially Napkin Lady.
26. That one time we went to Africa together & played with orphans...
27. Today at lunch when we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and you knocked that container of kazoos off the shelf.

... & there's more where those came from!

You're my favorite person to make memories with.

Happy 27th birthday to the boy I love most.


  1. yay! happy birthday doug!!
    i just went & checked - my "i dig doug" sticker is still on the inside front cover of my bible! yesss!