laura 2010

On Monday I did my first senior portrait session! One of the girls in our youth group asked me to take her senior pics & I jumped at the opportunity. Literally. 

This is Laura. 

She is gorgeous & incredibly photogenic. 

& a super sweet girl.

& she loves Jesus.

& I want her to marry Ethan.

Except she has a boyfriend... 

We had such a fun day just walking all over & taking so many pics! I gave her a cd of my favorites today (I narrowed it down to 72...) and she loved them. Yay!
I'm really pumped because another girl in our youth group asked me to do some of her senior pics too! 

If you know anything about photography, can you give me some constructive feedback on these pictures?


  1. i dont know much, but great job. way to step out and do something new.

  2. I love these! The only thing I would say is don't be afraid to work with angles, rather than taking them all straight on. I love the color, too!

  3. thanks jer!

    amy - thanks for the suggestion! i took a few side shots & angled shots, but could definitely play it up more.

  4. my "expert" opinion: awesome!! if i were a senior, you'd so be taking my senior pictures!

    haaa...v. word:

  5. These are excellent! I really want to take photos of people... I need to start putting myself out there for people to know... Start finding some people who will let me point my camera at them!