weekend visitors!

This past weekend, Lyndsay & Andy came to visit. We had an awesome time with them! Our weekend consisted of...

-Lynz & Andy got here just before 8 & we enjoyed a late dinner, introducing them to the delight of Hungry Howie's pizza.
-We walked to downtown Plymouth for ice cream.
-Andy & Lynz taught us three new awesome games! My favorite was Ruckus - if you have never played this game, go out & buy it now. It's worth it for the illustrations on the cards alone.
-Lynz & Andy also introduced us to Oram's Donuts - oh sweet bliss. Marla's picture made me drool, but didn't adequately portray the SIZE of these donuts!! Sweet, sugary bliss!

-We had pancake breakfast, of course.
-We drove to Canton (& I gave a running tour on the way) to play beach volleyball with our friends Katy & Andrew. While we were waiting for them to arrive, the four of us tried to play beach badminton. It was really windy. It was ridiculous. But awesome. When Katy & Andrew got there, we played 3 games of volleyball. We girls lost each time, but our scores got dramatically closer each time. Which explains why the boys chickened out of a 4th game.
-After volleyball, we drove by the house where Doug grew up, then went home to grill hotdogs.
-After lunch, we drove to downtown Detroit to give another tour. As we were driving around downtown, I realized that other than Tigers games, I had never walked around downtown (a shameful admission on my part), so we parked and walked around. There was some festival going on, which I just googled and discovered was the "Ribs & Soul Festival" - sweet! 
-We arrived home and got Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner - yum. 
-We spent the rest of the evening playing games and eating Oreo milkshakes. 

-I had to get up early and go teach Sunday School.
-When I got home, we had sweet rolls for breakfast and played some more games.
-Our friends Dave, Sara & Brittany had really wanted to meet Andy and Lyndsay, so they came over for lunch. We grilled burgers & hotdogs and had a little picnic outside. We were entertained for quite some time watching a squirrel sniff around a trap (set by our landlord), trying to get the nuts inside. I wish I had a video.
-And then, always the sad part of the weekend, Lynz & Andy had to pack up and head back to Beaver Falls. 

We had such a fun time with you two! Thanks for braving the opossums & visiting us. We can't wait to return the favor!


  1. hooray! looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  2. great re-cap rae! we had soo so much fun! we were sad on the drive home :( Thanks again for everything! You guys were GREAT hosts - and now I know what things look like (until you move to your new apartment)

  3. although i believe i did give the disclaimer that the donuts were bigger than my head. sounds like a splendid time!

  4. oh, sweet oram bliss.
    aren't those grimmies just so much fun?!
    did they teach you farkle?? which is just as much fun to say as it is to play! (hey, maybe i should write their ads...)