mr. popper's penguins

I'm slowly packing for our move on August 25th. This morning I was going through some old boxes, and I found one of my notebooks from college. I tend to be quite a doodler, and while flipping through the pages, I stumbled across this poem that I wrote in Fall 2005 [in the middle of a lecture] about one of my favorite childhood books. 

Mr. Popper was an eccentric bloke
Prone to lose thought before he spoke.
On a whim he wrote late one night
To an explorer and one day, to his delight,
Arrived on his porch an odd-looking box
Which, when opened, nearly knocked off his socks.
To his surprise what did he see
But a little penguin, cute as can be!


  1. You are such a good... summaraizer?! Except you probably should've been paying attention. (: