while i'm thinking of it...

There are two songs that are currently preoccupying my mind because I can't make sense of them, and I'd appreciate some insight. Anyone who has listened to the radio for more than 5 minutes in the past few weeks must have heard these songs.

The first is "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" by Soulja Boy. The chorus goes, "Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you, but I can't right now so kiss me thru the phone." What? I'm not sure if he just means making a smooching noise or if this song is supposed to suggestive of something more... ?

The second is "Halo" by my girl Beyonce. First of all, B, you know I love you. And don't get me wrong, this song is kinda pretty, and I've found myself humming it on numerous occasions, only to be annoyed because what does "I can see your halo" really mean? I suppose she's trying to imply that her lover is angelic, but Emily and I got a good laugh over the weekend by sporadically informing one another, "Whoo-hoo, your halo's showing!"

I'm distressed by the degradation of the music industry. Seriously, I think I could be a successful songwriter. Do I even need to remind you of my foray in freestyling?


  1. i will soon upload adk pics to my new
    flicker acct

  2. "Kiss me thru the phone..." totally means that I'm French kissing the receiver and I hope you can feel it because it feels weird and awkward on my tongue and I'd only do it for you. But now I kinda like it.

    "I can see your halo" definitely means someone's gonna die. It's like a premonition. Beyonce is psychic. Totally.

  3. Wow, you need to get to Jamaica

  4. Are they looking to sign rap contracts there?