happy birthday!

happy 27th birthday to victoria!

27 fun memories...
lists like this must always begin with uncle sam/runaway from the orphanage.
2. piece of cake in waffle cones at luigis lugios lugias
3. spending hours & hours doing ceramics with cherry bomb & the birds
4. sneaking into the snack shop at pinnacle to make milkshakes at night
5. walking out of the restaurant after they wouldn't clean our dirty table
6. wading in the river while our husbands look for alligators
7. tubing down the river while that dummy talks about water snakes
8. beating the boys at taboo every time
9. making jam together
10. dancing in the headlights on the way back to camp from albany
11. car rides from camp to home "deaf child area? it's not like they can't hear you!"
13. playing the question game during our driving shifts on the florida trip
14. tuba stories & pictures in our journals
15. arranging sea shells on driftwood
16. huronia
17. rock climbing
18. scrubbing baby food jars in the sun
19. our snack dinners
20. walks around the pond at the 4th
21. our old im conversations - gootah & ugga
22. all our threats to pee on people's tires
23. our "fashion shows" in the dressing rooms at malls
24. lifeguarding (gilgal for gaygay)
25. our many, many trips to old navy & michaels
26. puffy face & runny nose @ the strawberry festival
27. hours upon hours of crafting & sewing & scheming & dreaming

best of the best.
happy birthday! love u.


  1. love the list. love the pic. love you!!! thank you :)

  2. *GASP* You sneaked into the snackshop and made milkshakes? Breaking, entering, and worst of all--out after curfew??

  3. ummm - what i MEANT to say was... sneaking into the snack shop at pOnnacle... the other christian camp on top of a mountain that victoria and i worked at for a summer... just a typo. uh, whoops!! lol - don't tell jimbo!