Recent Funny/Awkward/Weird Moments

-Mom & I were waiting in the ticket line at All-County chatting. There was a middle-aged husband & wife in front of us, also just chatting to pass the time. Suddenly, a man walked by, placed his hand on the husband's arm and said, "Hey - I wanted to thank you for last weekend. I had a great time." At which point Mom & I exchanged an awkward glance and Mom burst into stifled giggles.

-At the border on our way home (back into the US), we had a pretty young (um, & cute!) border guard. He was very serious and asked Doug to turn off the car and pop the trunk. Doug complied and we could hear him jostling things around in the back. He closed the trunk and walked back to his little station and asked Doug calmly, "How much did you pay for that pack?" And pretty soon Doug & this guard are like, best friends - discussing where Doug got the hiking pack, the way it fits & how he can attach his sleeping bag to it & yeah, the waist band is pretty good. 

-Today in speech class, my students were giving the "Award Speech." They had to do this in partners - one person presented the award, the other accepted. Two [male] students - of whom I may have previously written - presented & accepted the "Almost as Cute as Doug Award." The acceptance speech consisted of that student saying how flattered he was to be compared to Doug's "strong arms, legs of steel and immaculate jawline." 

-I started reading To Kill a Mockingbird with my freshmen today & swore in front of them 6 times. I suppose, for the sake of propriety & job security, that I should confess it was in the reading.


  1. Of all of the books I read in high school, To Kill a Mockingbird was my favorite. I still have vivid memories of Mrs. Dunaway leading class discussions and things we did revolving around that book. I can even remember things that were going on in my life while we were reading that book. Isn't it weird how some memories are so clear and some aren't?

    For instance, I remember very little about when we had to read Beowulf. :)

    All that to say, your students might remember this for a long time. I think I might pull that book out this week . . .

  2. haaa...that first story almost made me spit out my sandwich that i was eating while reading.

    and i love, love to kill a mockingbird. i read it for the first time in 6th grade and then we had to read it again in 11th grade english and i was so excited. and mike has never read it before *gasp*...can you believe that?!

    and my word verification seems like a swear word: bleshic