i should be sleeping like a log

I am up way too late, but I had to watch The Office from last night.

Also, I had a random thought that I wanted to verify with my fellow members of the fairer sex:

When you buy new shampoo & conditioner, does it make you ridiculously excited to shower? To the point where you ALMOST think it's a good idea to stay up even later to shower before bed?

Please tell me this is a woman thing, and not just a Rachel thing... I'm idiosyncratic enough as it is.


  1. yep. totally. i can't wait to use a new shampoo and conditioner. in fact, the one i'm using now is very nice, but WAY too large. so i feel semi-regretful for buying it, b/c it's going to be a while before i can use a new one.


  2. you betcha. and if i still have some old stuff left but i already bought some new stuff i will use the new stuff a couple times. [such a rebel] then i have to force myself to go back to the old stuff.

  3. i just got a new hair mask conditioner and was super excited to use that. but, i think i would choose sleep over shampooing. but that's cuz i'm a pierce; we pretty much choose sleep over anything.

  4. Yes! I will stop using the previous shampoo and conditioner so I can use the new one. But I won't throw the old ones out. I have so many bottle of almost used shampoo and conditioner in my shower. . .glad it is not just me!