thoughts during my prep hour...

Taking a 5-minute mental break from the stack of papers next to me.

1. This will be my third weekend in a row spent predominantly with teenagers. We have a youth retreat at Spring Hill, which will be fun & freezing.

2. Fellow followers of Christ - we need to stop complaining about "the church" as an establishment and take personal responsibility - we ARE the church.

3. I could really go for a chocolate milkshake right now.

4. I wish teaching didn't involve grading.

5. Besides the students, teacher stickers might be the next best part about teaching.



  1. My least favorite question "Where do you go to church?"

    And thanks--now I'm also craving a chocolate milkshake...

  2. My students don't give me teacher stickers. They give me half eaten granola bars and de-leadified pencils.

  3. when i was young and wanted to be a teacher, i always thought grading papers would be fun. maybe not so much?
    also, i heard your birthday song. when my parents were in florida visiting gram & gramps, i was talking to my dad on the phone and during that time gram & gramps called you to sing happy birthday and i got to hear gramps play his harmonica and sing! how cute!