definitely older, doubtfully wiser

Thanks to everyone who called/emailed/texted yesterday!

Probably one of the most low-key birthdays I've had - I wasn't feeling very well, so your expressions of love were doubly appreciated! 

Doug did an awesome job making the day special for me as well. He brought me Jimmy Johns for lunch at school and made me birthday cake. A few days ago, he asked what my favorite frosting was, and when I couldn't decide - I told him to surprise me. So he did...

... by using both of my favorites. 

I'd also like to add that this was the first cake Doug has ever made! It was absolutely delicious (that Betty Crocker is such a good helper...). Thanks, HB, for thinking I'm special and for all the ways you let me know you love me.


  1. aw rachel, happy belated birthday. sorry you're not feeling well. and way to go doug...cake looks fanstastic!
    and what is jimmy johns?

  2. happy belated. hope all is well. see you guys in feb hopefully