life is beautiful

Most days I have a journal prompt for my students to respond to when they first get to class. On Monday, the question was: "Define beauty. What are some things in life you think are beautiful?" 

The more I thought about it, the more I liked that question. 

So, here are a few things I find beautiful:

Beauty is what is real. 
What is pure. 
What is honest and unadulterated. 
What is true.
Beauty is the fog rolling in on a cool morning while the sun is rising. 
Beauty is a mother holding her child close. 
Two children giggling on the playground. 
My parents' marriage.
My husband's embrace.
Beauty is a father holding his son's hand.
Beauty is a still lake on a quiet night.
Beauty is a newborn foal struggling to stand on quaking legs.
An apple orchard in the peak of autumn.
Beauty is my little sister humming contentedly while she eats cereal.
A green pasture.
Wild flowers.
Beauty is the Creator's gift.
Beauty is the vivid, vibrant colors of the changing leaves.
Beauty is the sound of a voice on the phone from miles away.
Glistening droplets of rain clinging to leaves.
Beauty is watching your family laugh and interact.
A hug.
A freshly baked apple pie.
A genuine smile.
Seeing a kind act when they don't know anyone's looking.
Beauty is a vast sky strewn with sparkling stars.
Beauty is the way words dance together.
Memories of loved ones.
Seeing students praying together.
An old couple holding hands.
Beauty is the Cross.
The Resurrection.
The gift of grace.
Life is beautiful.

What are some things YOU find beautiful?


  1. Women giving birth are beautiful.

    Your new website header-thingie picture is beautiful, too. Not as beautiful as women giving birth, of course. But extraordinary nonetheless.

  2. Imperfection. I learned that one in Honduras collecting a million tiny shells on the shore of the Pacific.

  3. happy tears are beautiful.

    never getting too old to be my daddy's princess is beautiful.

    unconditional love.

    a true, unjudging friend.

    the support of siblings.

  4. My wonderful sister, and I mean it!