S is for Speech

My speech class is preparing to do their demonstration speeches, and many of them have decided to demonstrate how to make some sort of food so they'll be able to enjoy a snack with the class.

Since the speeches have to be 4-5 minutes, I wanted to demonstrate for the class the fact that reading from a recipe is not going to cut it. So I decided to read my mom's exquisite apple pie recipe to the class. 

After I was done reading it, there were a few groans of, "That sounds soooo good! Now I'm super hungry." One student asked, "Will you please promise to make one for us?" I smiled, said, "I suppose so," and whipped out this bad boy from behind a poster on my shelf & sent one of my students to go get the vanilla ice cream I purchased to go with it.

Um, the boys in class stood up and clapped when they saw it.

However, last night I heard Doug exclaim, "Hey! Why is there an 'S' on the pie?!"
How do you explain to your husband that the first apple pie of the year isn't for him? 
Oops. "It's for my... speech class..."
I did save him a small piece, but I definitely owe him another whole pie...


  1. yum! looks so good. i love that the boys stood up and clapped. too funny.

  2. you are one special (and popular!)teacher

  3. I am all in for a craft day! (and some pie... or maybe at least some pie making)

  4. That looks amazing. Hook me up with the recipe!

  5. Inspired by you, I put an "S" in my banana pudding. We should probably hang out soon.

  6. Haha. Poor Doug. Just give him an apple!

  7. Ha, I love that Justin says "give him an apple"...