not sure what to do with myself

Now that I don't have students getting robbed at gunpoint, lighting desks on fire, getting shot at, or stomping on dying bats, I've lost my blog fodder.

Who honestly wants to read about students who do what they're told?!

Today in English A, we actually learned about themes that are prominent in American literature. In English 9, we actually learned some grammar rules.

I actually have to teach. It's not just babysitting and trying to keep kids from hanging out of my windows for a smoke break.

And guess what? My first two paychecks? On time. Direct deposit

My excitement of the day now is when students come in during my lunch period and color the top of my hand sanitizer when I'm not looking. Or stack my Expo markers together. Or change the word "speeches" on the board to "peaches".

So I'm sorry if my formerly captive audience is bored to tears with details of my mundane life, but, let's be honest, your boredom is my sanity.


  1. Hi, my name is Natalie - I went to school (pre-school through graduation!) with Doug. I just wanted to let you know that I read this and love your writing style...and to let you know that I laughed when I read how excited you were about your direct deposit being on time...the payroll lady (Pam Igrisan) is my mom!

  2. lets hope it STAYS calm (or you say boring)

  3. Hi Rachel - I'm so glad you like teaching at PCA! I definitely have some very fond memories of "The Academy". :-)

    Unfortunately, I'm not still in the area (I miss it terribly). My husband and I live in Grand Rapids. However, my husband humors my love for the east side of the state and we visit often!